Project Description
SSIS ShapeFileSource imports ESRI Shapefiles, and the associated attribute file (.dbf). The component based on the free Shapefile C Library.

Current version 1.0 beta can import ShapeFiles with Point, Linestring, Polygon and Multipolygon as SqlGeometry.
The version has been tested with several country level spatial data from, NUTS (Eurostats Administrative/Statistical Units) and some OpenStreetMap.

The current version runs only under x86. When you work on x64 set Run64BitRuntime to False in the project properties.
An exception will occur if the filename of the dbase file does not follow 8.3 naming conventions.

SSIS ShapeFileSource Editor

Sample Data:

Report Builder 3.0 Germany OSM OSM

In my blog are some links to free ESRI shapefiles:

It's not possible to save geometry/geography data direct to the sql server with ssis in the moment. In my demo I use a script task to save the shapefile into the sql server.
To insert the spatial data, it must transform from DT_IMAGE to a string. Than you can insert data with geometry::STGeomFromText(WKT, SRID).


When you are looking for more SSIS Tasks please visit my german blog (Components).

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